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Revolutionary cheats designed with longevity and convenience in mind. AimLords combines the power, features, and detection-free safety of a private cheat with the affordability and availability of a public cheat.

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The AimLords Difference

We’re striving to inspire change in the cheating scene, no more copy-pasted, overpriced, underperforming, invite-only cheats with slow updates, minimal features and frequent crashes and detections. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds or thousands to secure a slot and then hundreds monthly to ultimately get banned after spending days setting up outdated software while dealing with underwhelming support.

Top Notch Security

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Custom Coded from the ground up by a full-time development team with years of experience. Ring-0 with HWID spoofing for all devices (AMD & Intel supported) helps deliver the lowest ban rates in the industry and full bypass capability for those who prefer rage settings.


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Our AimBots are designed using thousands of hours of real gameplay from professionals that top the ladder each season. Fully tweakable to perfectly fit your gameplay, our cheats are guaranteed to be undetectable by the human eye when properly setup. (configs available for multiple resolutions and sensitivities)

fully custom... everything

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If it’s in our cheat, you can edit or control it. Some examples include the size, colour, transparency, and style of the visuals, as well as the X and Y speed, FOV limit, bone target priorities, and Stealth/Silent mode of the Aimbot. All accessible via in-game menu (hidden from OBS and XSplit), or our App – coming soon (android only).

lucrative affiliate program

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Enjoying our cheat and want to make some awesome money while earning free subscription time? Any active customers with proven audiences (twitch, youtube, forums, etc) are eligible for an Affiliate account. We set you up with a custom domain that tracks all traffic, and you receive 50% of all sales driven by your link. (grows to maximum of  80% based on volume)

Our Cheating Packages

    Our cheats come in two simple tiers, one with just visuals and one with our fully-loaded aimbot. Both are COMPLETELY stream safe and have been used in online tournaments and on mid-sized streams with no suspicion or bans. Cheats currently available to the public include Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, and Overwatch.
  • One package, access to all current and future cheats in that tier
  • Limited slots,  necessary to provide sufficient support
  • Access to our massive library of configs for all resolutions, DPIs, sensitivities, and different hardware configurations
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10 Compatible
  • Full AMD & Intel CPU Support, Supports all modern GPU’s